New Inov-8 Oroc with Twin-Spike Technology

New Inov-8 Oroc with Twin-Spike Technology

New Inov-8 Oroc features Twin-Spike Technology

Inov-8 have released the latest version of their orienteering shoe, the Oroc, upgrading it for 2021 with the addition of “revolutionary twin-spike technology”. This is, apparently, a “world first”.

Two spikes protrude from sticky rubber studs on the outsole, digging into frozen ground, holding firm on rock and giving outstanding traction through mud.

New Oroc with Twin Spike Technology

Revolutionary Twin-Spike Technology?

A bit of Googling around and it does appear to be true that these are the first trail running shoes to add two spikes per lug.

Does this really count as revolutionary technology? I’m not sure.

Somehow, it brings razor blade adverts to mind. If you’re my age you’ll remember when Gillette first released their revolutionary double bladed razor. Then came three blades, then four… I neither shave with a razor nor own a TV, but I can only presume we’re up to about 20 blades by now!

Are we going to see the same thing with spikes?

Pros and Cons of Integrated Spikes

Jokes aside, having metal spikes underfoot does significantly increases your grip on rock and ice. Indeed, you’d be foolish to attempt running on ice without them.

The question is however, do you need them permanently?

That all depends upon where you live, and the type of trails you run I suppose.

For me the answer is not very often. It wouldn’t make much sense personally to have permanent spikes in the soles of my shoes. I find it more practical to use something like the Black Diamond Traction Device with my normal shoe.

On the other hand, if you run in an area that has snow and ice throughout much of the year (and/or a lot of steep smooth rock), these could well be a practical option.

Inov-8 Oroc Vital Statistics

The Oroc is available for men and women in two models, 270g or 290g.

The 270 has a 3mm drop, 9mm / 6mm midsole stack, 5mm lugs with the twin spikes, and a rock plate.

The 290, intended for longer distances, has a slightly beefed up sole with increased drop at 6mm and 13mm / 7mm midsole stack, but is otherwise the same.

Both feature a durable, snag-resistant ballistic nylon one-piece upper to protect from gnarly vegetation.

They are available for purchase now from Inov-8.

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