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inov-8 now also has a Graphene Hiking boot

Dec 13 | Ben

Following closely on the release of the first-ever graphene sole in sports shoes, British brand inov-8 has just unveiled the ROCLITE with G-Grip, the first hiking boot with a graphene-infused sole.

inov-8 is finally launching its graphene infused shoes

Jul 6 | Ben

Back in December, when inov-8 first announced it, we were very curious about what was “the future of sports shoes”. And now finally we can pre-order the G-SERIES shoes, 3 models all with graphene-infused rubber soles.

Inov-8 Race Ultra 270 review

Feb 1 | Marie

Late January was announced the Race Ultra 270 from british gear manufacturer Inov-8. We had the chance to get a pair to review and after 2 months of testing here is what Marie thinks about the shoe.

Inov-8 Race Elite 260 Thermoshell review

Jan 30 | Matt

So for the last three months I’ve been trialling the Inov-8 Race Elite 260 Thermoshell, a reversible pullover jacket designed for keeping you warm when out running on a frigid hillside.

10 years of Inov-8 told by founder

Dec 16 | Ben

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the brand, Inov-8 founder Wayne Edy tells us the story of the brand, how he got started and what were the biggest challenges.

Inov-8 Race Elite Extreme 10 Review

Jun 9 | Simon

I generally hate carrying anything when I go for a run, I just find it restrictive and annoying. Sometimes, however, you just can’t avoid it, particularly if you’re going off on a long trail run.