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Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon review

Oct 25 | Marie

Earlier this year, Vibram released what they call their first trail running specific shoe. The Spyridon and Spyridon LS are minimalist running shoes with toes but unlike most other FiveFingers, they have teeth.

Barefoot running shoes roundup

Dec 22 | Ben

I think it is safe to say that barefoot running has really taken off. Compared to the early days you now have a large choice of shoes, some with toes, some without, some from big

Spring Summer Vibram FiveFingers collection

May 5 | Marie

Vibram has added some new models to its range of FiveFingers for the Spring and Summer collection. The barefoot running people out there will be pleased to discover the four new pairs of shoes with

Merrel goes Barefoot with new shoe range

Feb 2 | Ben

Well well well, what have we got here. Merrel has been teasing us for while now about its barefoot collection but the wait is over. The new barefoot line is out!

Review: Vibram FiveFingers TrekSport

Nov 30 | Ben

The barefoot and minimalist running trend has brought some really interesting products in the past few years. The well known Vibram FiveFingers, regarded as very good barefoot training shoes, have been declined in many variations